Tamar Ben-Israel

Second‭  ‬year Studio

“Housing”‭ ‬


Led by ‭| ‬Architect Architect Moran Amikam

Analysing and planning an architecture intervention of a residential building in Jerusalem‭. ‬

Choosing a residential building located in the seam between two neighborhoods in Jerusalem‭, ‬observation of the structure itself‭,‬‭ ‬it’s surroundings‭, ‬and it’s urban context‭.‬

Finding that the orientation of the building refers only to itself‭, ‬the circulation‭, ‬the facades‭, ‬and the internal programs‭. ‬By‭ ‬planning a new structure in front of the existing building‭, ‬I have created a‭ ‬“new face”‭ ‬to the structure‭, ‬new facade‭, ‬public situations‭, ‬a definite stopping place‭, ‬and a more pleasant passage‭. ‬In terms of the program‭, ‬the structure will function mostly as a residential building with varying residential units‭. ‬