Tamar Ben-Israel

Fourth‭  ‬year‭ - ‬Students Exchange‭‭ |
'‬Academy of Fine Arts‭, ‬Vienna‭'

Choreography of Space‭ ‬_

Studio BArch_5‭ ‬HTC‭: ‬Angelika Schnell‭ + ‬Antje Lehn

I want to start with the concept of the sociologist Martina Law‭ - ‬duality of space‭. ‬in witch the basic idea is that individuals‭ ‬act as a social agents‭, ‬and that their action depends on spatial structure‭. ‬

Law claimed that space are hence the outcome of action‭.‬


In my project I tried to find a way to representing and describing the space by action‭, ‬by movement‭, ‬trying not to present only‭ ‬the material boundaries of space as we use to‭ -  ‬in architectural language‭, ‬but rather the immaterial once‭ - ‬the movement that structure the space‭.‬

Description of movement as a new way to describe space‭.‬


Through this I found and learned the movement language‭ - ‬labanotation‭, ‬that is a‭  ‬visual‭, ‬written system of recording human movement‭, ‬that Invented by Rudolf Laban‭.‬

I took this notation and I have written the movement of the character in the movie‭. ‬By this I tried to understand‭ - ‬what this kind of language can give me about the space‭?‬


In my project you can find an experiment in witch I did to examined what different languages‭, ‬mediums‭, ‬ways of communication‭, ‬can gives us about spaces‭?‬


video‭, ‬text‭, ‬diagram‭, ‬model and notation‭. ‬


I claim that each of those languages is a fragment in the process of our imaginary perception of space‭, ‬and each of those actually can gives us different dimensions and information in understanding space‭.‬