Tamar Ben-Israel

Fourth‭ ‬year Studio‭ - ‬Conservation Studio

In collaboration with Yuval Even


Jerusalem Boulevard‭, ‬Jaffa‭.‬

Led by ‭| ‬Architect Shmuel Graog Shira Sprecher and‭ ‬
Smadar Aukal

‭'‬Courtyard block‭'‬


The block the project focuses on is characterized by long‭, ‬narrow plots that extend between the two streets that define it‭. ‬Most‭ ‬of the buildings in this block are built in a courtyard houses format‭ - ‬two separate buildings that are located centrally on the sides of the lot around a central courtyard‭. ‬The entrances to the lot lead to the courtyard from which access is given to the‭ ‬buildings themselves‭. ‬The courtyards are separated by walls that define the lines of the lot‭. ‬Despite the distinct style of the‭ ‬buildings‭, ‬these have been neglected over the years and have undergone changes that have damaged their original character‭.‬

Compared to the courtyards houses‭, ‬the Saba House‭, ‬at 83‭ ‬Sderot Jerusalem Street‭, ‬was designed in the style of an urban block structure that is more in line with the construction style in the southern part of Tel Aviv‭, ‬than the courtyard houses style of the Anuza neighborhood‭. ‬As such‭, ‬the structure will appear to be incompatible with where it was built‭, ‬and even contradicts the original form of development of the block‭. ‬Perhaps for this reason his original design was not completed‭.‬

The project aims to create a connection between the different construction typologies and opposing styles by completing an‭ '‬infill‭' ‬structure in the interconnection between them and creating a new interception for the residential block of Anuzha neighborhood‭. ‬Like the other courtyard houses on the block‭, ‬the new building is centered on the courtyard‭. ‬In addition‭, ‬the building was raised on columns to allow access to the courtyard‭, ‬and the walls separating the plots were also opened to produce a continuous path along its length‭. ‬Another feature that influenced the nature of the block is that it borders on Commercial Jerusalem Boulevard‭, ‬so the block courtyard becomes an interstate where some of the busy boulevard commercial programs run into integration with‭ ‬the quiet neighborhood street‭.‬